Thursday, 10 January 2013

Oh-so-cute knitted fox scarf.

Isn't he cute! Now, whilst I wish I was clever enough to have written this pattern, but quite frankly, I am not. Fortunately for me (and you too!) the ever so clever Tiny Owl Knits has managed it, and it's so brilliant I had to share it with you all. 

This pattern is called Mr Fox Stole My Heart (even though mine belongs to C), available from the Ravelry store. Whilst it is not a free pattern, it's worth every penny as you not only get the big scarf pattern (pictured), but a pattern for a tiny weeny fox collar too! 

He is knit flat and actually knit up much quicker then I thought he would. I reckon a few people are going to be getting these as gifts in the near future! My little cousin will love him.

I think I might try an Arctic Fox next time, or a black one, making him more wolf like. Ooh there's just so many options!



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