Original Knit Patterns

The purpose of this blog is to spread the word about how fun and enjoyable (and simple, once you know how!) creating beautiful things can be. Be that knitting them up on your trusty needles, or wacking something sticky and unhealthy in the oven and sharing the result with good friends. 

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So here are the knitting patterns I have created myself and posted on here for you to use and enjoy.

If you find anything that needs correcting, or you have photos of completed projects you want to share drop me comment or email through Ravelry.

Comfy cosy cowl: with beautiful picot edging for a flirty finish.

Cable-cross my Kindle Heart: A cute little kindle cover with a cable cover on the front and a purled heart motif on the back.

Owl go to sleep now, but soon owl be awake! A reversible hat with a sleepy owl face, and an awake owl face.

Flower Brooch: A very quick an speedy brooch, perfect for a last minute present.

Tidal Wave Headband: A cabled headband to keep your ears snug through the cold winter months.

Basket Weave Gloves: Fingerless hand warmers.

Remember- Knit fast, die warm.

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