Knitting Inspiration

The purpose of this blog is to help spread the word about how fun and enjoyable (and simple, once you know how!) creating beautiful things can be. Be that knitting them up on your trusty needles, or wacking something sticky and unhealthy in the oven and sharing the result with good friends. 

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And these links open directly onto different blogs where you can find the original pattern. I have chosen these patterns as they are all simple and easy enough for beginner knitters. For more complex patterns I am planning on writing posts to accompany them.

Cabled Headband: By Mari over at Wistful Plying.

Knitted Bunny Toys: A very simple toy to knit using a plain knitted square, over at Jo So and Sew.

Knitted Leaves: Really simple to do, I made about ten of these to cover a pillar at a yarn bomb event I attended, it was so much fun!

York Art Gallery- Yarn Bombed!

Colourful Clockwork cosy: Ha, such a cute idea! Over at Retrobaby Blogspot, a clever idea for changing a boring clock into an exciting one-off!

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  1. Love the knitting patterns! I'm a closet knitter myself!